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Knights of the Week - 1/29/18

Stephon Baxter '19

Stephon Baxter is the boys' varsity basketball Knight of the Week. He has been our most consistent player throughout the season and is a relentless competitor both in practice and in the games. Stephon had improved greatly as a leader throughout the season and continues to show younger players the way to carry themselves on a daily basis. Stephon's work ethic day in and day out is the exact culture that the program desires for each player. 

Linh Mai '19

This week's girls' IIIs basketball Knight of the Week is Linh Mai. Linh has shown great determination in her second season with the team. She has continued to improve on her skills on the court, as well as become a leader for her teammates. This past weekend against MacDuffie, Linh scored her first basket of the season. Linh's determination, leadership, and love for basketball has earned her the honor of Knight of the Week. 

Andre Looney '21

The Knight of the Week for wrestling is Andre Looney. Andre is a freshman who is always the first wrestler in the room, can always be found trying techniques before practice even begins, and is always excited to learn the next move or strategy. He has often wrestled up a weight class to help the team this year and still has notched a winning record even though this is his first year with the sport. Andre has shown a level of commitment and dedication that are hallmarks of the wrestling program and his passion for the sport he has just started to learn about is exciting.