Knights of the Week - 1/29/17

Hanyuan Tong '18 

Hanyuan "Tony" Tong '18 is recognized by the boys' junior varsity basketball team for his continued hard work and his commitment to the team.  He has been playing extremely well in recent games, which is a direct result of the work that he has put in during practice. As the season has progressed, Tony has blossomed into a leader, leading by example and encouraging his teammates.  Tony leads by example by "doing the little things" in practice and games. Tony may not be the most vocal, but his actions speak louder than words.  The coaching staff has appreciated Tony stepping up and are confident that this is just the beginning of the success that is going to come for him. Congratulations of being named this week's Knight of the Week!

Abby Cook '18

Abby Cook '18 is a "Knight of the Week" for both her personal achievements and her contributions to team unity. When she is not racing, she always volunteers to help out her coaches and teammates with responsibilities such as lap counting and organization procedures.  She has improved her personal best time in the 2 mile race by over 6 seconds since the last track meet and by over 14 seconds since the beginning of the season. This is an improvement of almost 2 minutes from her 2 mile time trial, on the road, at the beginning of the cross country season. Despite the 2 mile event being extremely grueling and difficult, Abby is dedicated to the event and partakes in it every meet in order to score points for her team. She has been a key contributor to our 3 wins this season.  Abby's selfless attitude and leadership for team have helped to name her this week's "Knight of the Week". Congratulations!