Knights of the Week - 12/11/17

Tomek Mamro '18

Tomek Mamro, one of the captains of the wrestling team has been a great leader for his teammates. He has helped the new wrestlers navigate and get comfortable joining the wrestling program, as well as continue to show the returners how to carry out the Marianapolis athletic mission. Despite being able to wrestle due to injury, Tomek brings a positive attitude and encouragement to practice on a daily basis. His commitment to the team, getting better, and helping others improve have contributed to being named one of this week's "Knights of the Week"! Congratulations Tomek!

Joel White '20

Joel White, a captain of the swim team, is being recognized as Knight of the Week for his generosity in leadership, strong work ethic, and dedication to the team. Joel took the initiative to film his teammates swimming and then review stroke technique and give suggestions for improvement.  In addition, Joel has been working diligently with our new swimmers to demonstrate the various race strokes, starts and turns.  His enthusiasm, leadership, and talent contribute to him being nominated as one of this week's "Knights of the Week"! Congratulations Joel!