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Knights of the Week - 1/15/17

Nicholas Niemiec '18 

Nick Niemiec '18 is the type of player that any coach would want on their team.  His hard work and relentless effort helps to push his teammates to be better and helps him be successful in practice as well as games. As an upperclassman, he is a great leader for the younger players on the team as he is a real team player and is constantly encouraging everyone.  Nick has a real winning attitude which has helped his basketball team off to a great start in their season and will certainly help to maintain their competitive spirit.  Congratulations to Nick Niemiec for being named this week's "Knight of the Week"!

Linh Mai '19

This week's "Knight of the Week" is sophomore Linh Mai. Linh shows great passion for the sport of basketball. When she is not practicing, you can see her at the gym cheering on her teammates. Last Wednesday, she came and cheered on her teammates as many of them played in their first basketball game. Her support gave comfort to those trying the sport. During practice, Linh works extremely hard. She is always trying to improve her shot and her awareness on the court. We look forward to continuing to see Linh work hard and lead by example showing others how to be a great teammate. Linh's passion and hard work have earned her the distinction of being this week's "Knight of the Week". Congratulations!