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Knights of the Week - 10/9/16

Margaret Azu '17

JV Gold volleyball went 2-1 this week due to the tenacity and poise of senior Maggie Azu.  A role model for determination, she led her peers in a 'fighting' mentality that elevated the grittiness of the entire team. Her crowning moment on the court was a game-winning service point against Kingswood Oxford, but perhaps more importantly, her fierce physicality and consistent leadership have continued to define the spirit of this Knight 'family.'  Being named "Knight of the Week" is a well-deserved honor for Maggie. Congratulations!

Zachary Hall '20

Although new to Marianapolis and the crew team, Zack Hall has had a meteoric rise in the program this fall.  In just a few weeks, he has made a significant impact due to his leadership of the girls' varsity crew boat.  He brings a contagious enthusiasm and an ever positive demeanor to practice each day.  He is respected by his teammates and has done a great job thus far as the coxswain for the girls' boat.  With this positive start, we are excited to see Zack continue to have a positive impact on the team and grow into a leader.  Congratulations Zach on being named this week's "Knight of the Week"!