Knights of the Week - 10/23/16

Thomas Nurse '18

Thomas Nurse '18 exhibits the attributes of a great leader. His committment to the team is terrific as he has not missed a practice or a game.  He comes to play aggressively even through injuries and without complaint. He is not a loud presence on the team, but quietly and with great humility, leads by example in such a way that has been effective in helping shape the younger kids into the quality of students, players, and people the Marianapolis community hopes to support. The team's responsibilities chart (for water, balls, etc.) was the creation of Mr. Nurse in hopes to make things more efficient. Tom has been instrumental in our success this year both as a player and as a positive presence on the team.  Congratulations Tom for being named this week's "Knight of the Week"!

Alyssa Caputo '18

Alyssa Caputo '18 has stepped up as a leader for the girls' JV soccer team. She has consistently given structure to the team warm-up and has served as a positive role model for the younger players.  She is well respected by her teammates as well as coaches.  Alyssa gives 100% both off and on the field and is very well deserving of this award.  Congratulations Alyssa on being named this week's "Knight of the Week"!