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Knights of the Week - 10/2/16

Karly Seiffert '20

Karly Seiffert has shown what it means to be a "Knight of the Week" on a daily basis.  She shows up to every crew practice on time and ready to work. She has demonstrated an extreme amount of effort and perseverance. She doesn't let broken shoes in the boat deter her from pulling hard for 5000+ meters. Her work ethic and attitude set a great example for others to follow, and her discipline, forcefully slowing down during the recovery part of the stroke keeping the boat flying smooth, with her teammates following suit. Her coaches describe her as "always respectful and is becoming a great leader".  These attributes have all contributed to Karly Seiffert being named this week's Knight of the Week". Congratulations Karly!

Alayna Cashman '19

The "Knight of the Week" for girls' varsity soccer goes to a player who has incredible work ethic, a positive attitude, and a constant strive to get better everyday in practice and in games.  Laney Cashman is known as a friend to everyone on her team, as well as a fierce competitor.  Her coaches describe her as someone who is "incredibly coachable and always willing to learn.  She has a great sense of the game and works hard to self correct".  Although an underclassman, she sets an example for other to follow.  Congratulation to Laney Cashman on being named this week's "Knight of the Week".