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The Knightly News on WINY - January 30

The Knightly News on WINY - January 30
International Day is just three days away! A special thank you to GLO club co-directors Ms. Bella Jackson and Mr. Frank Mullinix and GLO student members S. Ha ’24, P. Chu ’25, and J. Park ’27 for going live on the airwaves this morning to share more about our GLO club at Marianapolis and their preparations for celebrating International Day this Friday, February 2nd. 
GLO stands for Global Leadership Outreach. The club hosts various celebrations for cultural events throughout the year. This ensures that students can keep true to their traditions, even when away from home. It is so important that all of our cultures at Marianapolis feel represented and included. 
International Day gives day students and international students the opportunity to learn more about different cultures. They can participate in many fun, engaging activities throughout the day in hopes that they will learn something new. It is a day dedicated to appreciating tradition and, in turn, making everyone in our Marianapolis family feel welcome and valued. 
Watch this week’s episode to discover what GLO club members have planned for International Day, what they enjoy most about being a part of GLO, how their journey at Marianapolis began, and their dreams for the future!