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Student Leadership Recognition Ceremony

Student Leadership Recognition Ceremony

This week, the 2021 Student Leadership Recognition Ceremony spotlighted student leaders across the Marianapolis community, serving as a time to recognize the good work and positive impacts made throughout the year. David DiCicco, Assistant Head of School and Dean of Students, reflected on leadership lessons from the year, emphasizing the unique opportunity presented to draw on positivity and creativity in the face of the many challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. In DiCicco’s words, the year “reinforced the best of who we are and who we can be as a community,” as we found the “humor and humanity” in each opportunity, “took care of people in our charge and those things we love the most,” and found the “joy in simple moments.”

Lisa Krejmas, Director of Community Service, unveiled new Marianapolis service pins, presented to students who serve Marianapolis, the wider community, and earth through groups like the Green Knights and other service-oriented organizations and initiatives.

Karen Carter, Development and Alumni Affairs Officer, emphasized that the Marianapolis experience ensures that students “know what it takes to lead” and that students’ experiences at Marianapolis provide a bridge to continued leadership roles in college and beyond. As leaders, Golden Knight alums are encouraged to remain involved as class agents, members of the School’s Alumni Council, Lunch & Learn speakers, science fair judges, board members, and philanthropic supporters of the School.

Joseph Parodi-Brown, Ed.D., presented the 2021 Student Leadership Medal to Alexandra Delano ‘21, whose leadership throughout her high school career as a class officer, orientation leader, wellness leader, and peer leader, among other roles, touched every aspect of the Marianapolis community. Parodi-Brown noted that leadership “is not merely a collection of roles and titles,” but an individual’s “conduct and interactions within a community that demonstrate” true leadership. As a leader, Delano “enhances others’ Marianapolis experiences, is a source of advice and encouragement, an advocate, and someone faculty trust to rally fellow students to get things done.” She leads by example and “infuses positivity and enthusiasm, elevating each leadership group in which she serves.”

To wrap up the evening, graduating leaders were encouraged to “find those, at Marianapolis and around the world, that made their experience here exceptional” and to recognize their value and impact. Next year’s student leaders were welcomed and encouraged to prepare for the year ahead -- “to be ready to serve those new to the community and to perpetuate the best of who we are on campus, at home, and across the world,” as we “write the next chapter of Marianapolis history together.”