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State Sen. Mae Flexer Visits Marianapolis

State Sen. Mae Flexer Visits Marianapolis

On Monday, February 25, State Sen. Mae Flexer, D-29th District, visited Marianapolis and spoke to a group of students and faculty about Connecticut politics.

Seniors Danielle Collette and Molly White were instrumental in arranging Sen. Flexer’s visit. Both are members of the Politics and Pastry Club which meets on Fridays and discusses politics, both state and federal, over morning pastries.

Sen. Flexer took questions from the audience and topics included issues being debated at the state capitol such as the possibility of implementing tolls in Connecticut, single-payer healthcare, the budget, and gun control.

Sen. Flexer also gave advice on how students can get involved in affecting change in Connecticut through voicing opinions to legislators. She suggested finding an ally organization or a public official who is working on whatever a student may be passionate about and to be their partner.

“I can’t emphasize enough, particularly for legislators, how much we value your opinion,” Sen. Flexer said. “Know that your voices are so important. I am keenly aware of the way young people in this country are changing the dialogue on so many things and you can be part of that too. Figure out what it is that you want to be that change agent on and I can guarantee you that you can make it happen.”

Senior Danielle Collette said she was excited to have Sen. Flexer come to Marianapolis because “as students, it’s incredibly important to be aware of politics, how they impact us, and ways we are able to get involved.”

She continued by saying, “We often overlook local politics but bringing in Senator Flexer helped me, and I hope others, be more aware that there are important things happening within our community and even as young people we have the power to make an impact and implement change. Senator Flexer was really good at answering questions from all sides and I think that having her here stimulated the students and faculty.”