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Spring Sports Award Recipients Announced

Spring Sports Award Recipients Announced

The spring sports banquet was held on Monday, May 21. Congratulations to all of the recipients! To see more photos, please click here

Boys' Crew:
Outstanding Achievement: Christopher Ringer
Golden Knight Award: Joshua Bussiere

Girls' Crew:
Top Newcomer: Jimena Solis Quintero
Most Improved: Sydney Kennison
Outstanding Achievement: Grace Rett
Golden Knight Award: Danielle Collette
4 Year Varsity Participant: Grace Rett

Golf (Co-ed):
Top Newcomer: Jack Walsh
Most Improved: Elena Spangle
Outstanding Achievement: Tim Edwards
Golden Knight Award: Tim Loftus
4 Year Varsity Participant: Tim Edwards, Tim Loftus

Top Newcomer: Zhiheng "Justin" Pan
Most Improved: Xuyan "Ivy" Xiu
Outstanding Achievement: Han Yuan "Tony" Tong
Golden Knight Award: Meiyi "Victoria" Liu

Top Newcomer: Colby Jacobs
Most Improved: Curran Jacobs
Outstanding Achievement: Peter Ruzzo
Golden Knight Award: Jared Ullstrom
4 Year Varsity Participant: Colin Hourihan, Ryan Hourihan
4 Year Participant:Chengxuan "Bob" Du

Boys' Lacrosse:
Top Newcomer: Joey Werge
Most Improved: Mitchell Fontaine
Outstanding Achievement: Cole McKinstry
Golden Knight Award: Shelton Mudzingwa

Girls' Lacrosse:
Top Newcomer: Emma McQuiston
Most Improved: Julia Kilroy
Outstanding Achievement: Emmalynn Pickett
Golden Knight Award: Kaitlyn Dodos
4 Year Varsity Participant: Kathryn Hauver, Emily Maguire

Top Newcomer: Sofia Hargrave
Most Improved: Kelly Heney
Outstanding Achievement: Danielle Mahlert
Golden Knight Award: Gwyneth Gould
4 Year Varsity Participant: Isabelle Boria, Gwyneth Gould, Danielle Mahlert

Boys' Tennis:
Top Newcomer: Viacheslav Beliaev
Most Improved: Chengtao "Tony" Song
Outstanding Achievement: Hans Sydow-Lopez
Golden Knight Award: Zhuoyao "Grady" Song
4 Year Varsity Participant: Chengtao "Tony" Song

Girls' Tennis:
Top Newcomer: Emma Allen
Most Improved: Zhimei "Michelle" Zhou
Outstanding Achievement: Nora Ilacqua
Golden Knight Award: Meiling Syriac
4 Year Varsity Participant: Meiling Syriac

Boys' Track & Field:
Top Newcomer: Dhalyn Sanders-Dyer
Most Improved: Chase Courville
Outstanding Achievement: Sal Masciarelli
Golden Knight Award: Ben Laconto

Girls' Track & Field:
Top Newcomer: Sydney Masciarelli
Most Improved: Abby Cook
Outstanding Achievement: Sophia Widmeyer
Golden Knight Award: Sabrina Godin
4 Year Varsity Participant: Sabrina Godin, Erica Rumsey

Ultimate (Co-ed):
Top Newcomer: Katerina Looney
Most Improved: Doyoon Kim
Outstanding Achievement: Max Underhill
Golden Knight Award: Myles Wagner
4 Year Varsity Participant: Tom Nurse, Max Underhill, Myles Wagner