Spring Sports Award Recipients Announced

The spring sports banquet was held on Monday, May 21. Congratulations to all of the recipients! To see more photos, please click here

Boys' Crew:
Outstanding Achievement: Christopher Ringer
Golden Knight Award: Joshua Bussiere

Girls' Crew:
Top Newcomer: Jimena Solis Quintero
Most Improved: Sydney Kennison
Outstanding Achievement: Grace Rett
Golden Knight Award: Danielle Collette
4 Year Varsity Participant: Grace Rett

Golf (Co-ed):
Top Newcomer: Jack Walsh
Most Improved: Elena Spangle
Outstanding Achievement: Tim Edwards
Golden Knight Award: Tim Loftus
4 Year Varsity Participant: Tim Edwards, Tim Loftus

Top Newcomer: Zhiheng "Justin" Pan
Most Improved: Xuyan "Ivy" Xiu
Outstanding Achievement: Han Yuan "Tony" Tong
Golden Knight Award: Meiyi "Victoria" Liu

Top Newcomer: Colby Jacobs
Most Improved: Curran Jacobs
Outstanding Achievement: Peter Ruzzo
Golden Knight Award: Jared Ullstrom
4 Year Varsity Participant: Colin Hourihan, Ryan Hourihan
4 Year Participant:Chengxuan "Bob" Du

Boys' Lacrosse:
Top Newcomer: Joey Werge
Most Improved: Mitchell Fontaine
Outstanding Achievement: Cole McKinstry
Golden Knight Award: Shelton Mudzingwa

Girls' Lacrosse:
Top Newcomer: Emma McQuiston
Most Improved: Julia Kilroy
Outstanding Achievement: Emmalynn Pickett
Golden Knight Award: Kaitlyn Dodos
4 Year Varsity Participant: Kathryn Hauver, Emily Maguire

Top Newcomer: Sofia Hargrave
Most Improved: Kelly Heney
Outstanding Achievement: Danielle Mahlert
Golden Knight Award: Gwyneth Gould
4 Year Varsity Participant: Isabelle Boria, Gwyneth Gould, Danielle Mahlert

Boys' Tennis:
Top Newcomer: Viacheslav Beliaev
Most Improved: Chengtao "Tony" Song
Outstanding Achievement: Hans Sydow-Lopez
Golden Knight Award: Zhuoyao "Grady" Song
4 Year Varsity Participant: Chengtao "Tony" Song

Girls' Tennis:
Top Newcomer: Emma Allen
Most Improved: Zhimei "Michelle" Zhou
Outstanding Achievement: Nora Ilacqua
Golden Knight Award: Meiling Syriac
4 Year Varsity Participant: Meiling Syriac

Boys' Track & Field:
Top Newcomer: Dhalyn Sanders-Dyer
Most Improved: Chase Courville
Outstanding Achievement: Sal Masciarelli
Golden Knight Award: Ben Laconto

Girls' Track & Field:
Top Newcomer: Sydney Masciarelli
Most Improved: Abby Cook
Outstanding Achievement: Sophia Widmeyer
Golden Knight Award: Sabrina Godin
4 Year Varsity Participant: Sabrina Godin, Erica Rumsey

Ultimate (Co-ed):
Top Newcomer: Katerina Looney
Most Improved: Doyoon Kim
Outstanding Achievement: Max Underhill
Golden Knight Award: Myles Wagner
4 Year Varsity Participant: Tom Nurse, Max Underhill, Myles Wagner