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Spring Athletic Award Winners

Spring Athletic Award Winners

The Spring Athletic Banquet was held on Monday, May 20. Below are a list of the award winners. To see photos from the banquet, please click here


Top Newcomer Award: William Engle

Most Improved Award: Colby Pion

Outstanding Achievement Award: Elijah Olacio

Golden Knight Award: Jared Ullstrom

4-Year Varsity Award: Jared Ullstrom



Top Newcomer Award: Kaitlin Baca

Most Improved Award: Sofia Hargrave

Outstanding Achievement Award: Anna Bagley

Golden Knight Award: Kelly Heney

4-Year Varsity Award: Kelly Heney


Boys' Crew:

Top Newcomer Award: Spencer Courville

Most Improved Award: Dominic Penny

Outstanding Achievement Award: Christopher Ringer

Golden Knight Award: Grant Alessandro


Girls' Crew:

Top Newcomer Award: Isabel Hull  

Most Improved Award: Meghan Brooks

Outstanding Achievement Award: Olivia Duncan

Golden Knight Award: Danielle Collette

4-Year Varsity Award: Meghan Brooks, Danielle Collette, Olivia Duncan,


Co-Ed Badminton:

Top Newcomer Award: Long Pham

Most Improved Award: Jianghan “Sarah” Zhang

Outstanding Achievement Award: Tianyi “Tyler” Tang

Golden Knight Award: Delan “Angela” Luo


Girls' Track and Field

Top Newcomer Award: Maya Summiel

Most Improved Award: Caroline Gardiner 

Outstanding Achievement Award: Madison Webber

Golden Knight Award: Rahmat Obanikoro

4-Year Varsity Award: Tara Daniels, Kelsie Haviland, Caitlyn Miller, Rahmat Obanikoro, Olivia Panagiotou, Molly Romprey, Madison Webber, Molly White


Boys' Track and Field  

Top Newcomer Award: Daniel Twohig

Most Improved Award: Zachary Stoddard

Outstanding Achievement Award: Salvatore Masciarelli  

Golden Knight Award: Jared O’Connor


Co-Ed Ultimate

Top Newcomer Award:  Tim Hall

Most Improved Award: John Sarantopoulos

Outstanding Achievement Award: Maxwell Hayes

Golden Knight Award: Samuel Roy

4-Year Varsity Award: Rafael Fauxbel, Maxwell Hayes, John Madden, Cole McGovern,

Jacob Rice


Boys' Tennis:

Top Newcomer Award: Tian "Crea" Feng

Most Improved Award: Yaozhong "Evan" Hu

Outstanding Achievement Award: Gongcheng "Eason" Fu

Golden Knight Award: Sebastian Evans

4-Year Varsity Award: Shun-Yi "Brian" Chang


Girls' Tennis:

Top Newcomer Award: Haipei Yang

Most Improved Award: Linh Mai

Outstanding Achievement Award: Zhimei “Michelle” Zhou

Golden Knight Award: Shuri Okada

4-Year Varsity Award: Zhimei “Michelle” Zhou


Boys' Lacrosse:

Top Newcomer Award: Andrew Raps

Most Improved Award: Cameron Alicandro

Outstanding Achievement Award: Joseph Werge

Golden Knight Award: Bartosz Mamro

4-Year Varsity Award: Brian Chokshi, Mitchell Fontaine, Bartosz Mamro


Girls' Lacrosse:

Top Newcomer Award: Cassandra Belsito

Most Improved Award: Maura Hoban

Outstanding Achievement Award: Mary Wall

Golden Knight Award: Ava LaRoche

4-Year Varsity Award: Alayna Cashman, Alyssa Morrison, Emmalyn Pickett,