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Spring 2024 Varsity Athletic Awards

Spring 2024 Varsity Athletic Awards
The Marianapolis Athletics Department hosted the Spring Varsity Athletic Awards Ceremony on Wednesday, May 29, 2024. This event, filled with excitement and pride, was a testament to the spirit of our community and the memories we've created together during the spring season.
Jacque Rivera, Athletic Director, began the ceremony by expressing his appreciation and gratitude for our spring athletes, coaches, and families. Their unwavering support and dedication mean the world to our athletic department and the Marianapolis community.
Birdie Forgues ‘24, our esteemed host, was welcomed back for the final time. She took a moment to recognize her fellow Class of 2024 members, underlining that it was their twelfth and final Marianapolis Athletic Awards. They have journeyed far over the past four years and are deeply grateful for the athletic opportunities they've been blessed with.

“Personally, it has been such a pleasure to represent MPrep Softball this spring,” said Forgues. “It was wonderful to watch and support all my classmates.”

Forgues concluded the evening by leaving a message of hope and excitement for the future. She wished all student-athletes luck in their upcoming seasons, knowing they will continue to play their best and achieve incredible goals. After all, as Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” 
Congratulations to our spring athletes, award recipients, and coaches!
Varsity Badminton
Top Newcomer Award: Quoc-Anh Nguyen ‘24
Most Improved Award: Pin-Yen Chu ‘25
Outstanding Achievement Award: Dan Quynh “Sarah” Ha ‘24
Golden Knight Award: Phuong Nhi Duong ‘24
Varsity Baseball 
Top Newcomer Award: Sullivan Donohue ‘24
Most Improved Award: Samuel Guay ‘27
Outstanding Achievement Award: Kyle Gallo ‘24
Golden Knight Award: Patrick Fitzgibbons ‘24
Varsity Girls’ Crew
Top Newcomer Award: Violet Vinton ‘27 
Most Improved Award: Jaiden Foskett ‘24 
Outstanding Achievement Award: Olivia Kowalski ‘24
Golden Knight Award: Kiera MacKenzie ‘24
Four-Year Varsity Award: Jaiden Foskett ‘24, Olivia Kowalski ‘24, and Kiera MacKenzie ‘24
Varsity Boys’ Crew
Top Newcomer Award: Ryan Shaughnessy ‘27
Most Improved Award: Justin Olivieri ‘27 
Outstanding Achievement Award: Jeyun Park ‘27
Golden Knight Award: Greyson Baldaro ‘24
Four-Year Varsity Award: Greyson Baldaro ‘24

Varsity Girls’ Lacrosse
Top Newcomer Award: Ashley Fahey ‘26  
Outstanding Achievement Award: Bridget MacDonough ‘24
Golden Knight Award: Lillian Belsito ‘24, Celia Bouchard ‘24, and Tessa McCabe ‘24
Four-Year Varsity Award: Lillian Brazeau ‘24, Lillian Belsito ‘24, Celia Bouchard ‘24, Claire Marchand ‘24, Bridget MacDonough ‘24, Tessa McCabe ‘24, and Sydney Lavallee ‘24

Varsity Boys’ Lacrosse
Top Newcomer Award: Jacob Whiteley ‘27 
Most Improved Award: Samuel Hachigian ‘27
Outstanding Achievement Award: Erwin Sanchez ‘25 and Miles Wesolowski ‘25
Golden Knight Award: Shane McGlone ‘25

Varsity Softball
Top Newcomer Award: Avery Bertrand ‘26
Most Improved Award: Dunja Cujic ‘25
Outstanding Achievement Award: Barbara “Birdie” Forgues ‘24
Golden Knight Award: Megan Bokis ‘24
Four-Year Varsity Award: Julianna Buoniconti ‘24 and Barbara “Birdie” Forgues ‘24

Varsity Girls’ Tennis
Top Newcomer Award: Julia Kurzontkowski ‘27
Most Improved Award: Fernanda Camara Gallegos ‘25
Outstanding Achievement Award: Emma Martineau ‘27
Golden Knight Award: Wiktoria Potem ‘24
Four-Year Varsity Award: Kasia Piekielniak ‘24

Varsity Boys’ Tennis
Top Newcomer Award: Elias Vagedes ‘25
Most Improved Award: Tommaso Verrina ‘24
Outstanding Achievement Award: João Nahas Gavião ‘26
Golden Knight Award: Kaan Ofluoglu ‘25
Four-Year Varsity Award: Calvin Givner ‘24
Varsity Girls’ Track and Field
Top Newcomer Award: Mary Kate Barnwell ‘27
Most Improved Award: Riley O'Connor ‘24
Outstanding Achievement Award: Natalie Olkowski ‘25
Golden Knight Award: Cassidy Semo ‘24
Four-Year Varsity Award: Lauren Conde ‘24, Kailey Russo ‘24, and Cassidy Semo ‘24

Varsity Boys’ Track and Field
Top Newcomer Award: Keegan Porter ‘27
Most Improved Award: Luke Landis ‘26
Outstanding Achievement Award: Aaron Barnwell ‘24
Golden Knight Award: Anthony Zurowski ‘24
Four-Year Varsity Award: Aaron Barnwell ‘24, Colby Mayen ‘24, Sean Michailides ‘24, and Anthony Russo ‘24

Twelve Seasons Award
Abigail Alicandro ‘24: Soccer, Wrestling, and Track and Field
Olivia Kowalski ‘24: Soccer, Basketball, and Crew
William Savoie ‘24: Cross Country, Indoor Track, and Track and Field

Emily Brodeur ‘26: Softball
Aaron Barnwell ‘24: Track and Field (first in the high jump, second in the long jump, and sixth in 200m)
Mary Kate Barnwell ‘27: Track and Field (sixth in the 300m intermediate hurdles)
Lauren Conde ‘24: Track and Field (sixth in the discus)
Justin Griffiths-Lam ‘25: Track and Field (second in pole vault)
Luke Landis ‘26: Track and Field (third in the pole vault and 110m high hurdles)
Natalie Olkowski ‘25: Track and Field (second in pole vault)
Cassidy Semo ‘24, Natalie Olkowski ‘25, Evelyn Savoie ‘25, and Mary Kate Barnwell ‘27: Track and Field (third in the 4x400m relay)

All NEPSAC Honorable Mention
Bridget MacDonough ‘24: Girls’ Lacrosse
Miles Wesolowski ‘25: Boys’ Lacrosse
Sienna Stawiecki ‘26: Softball
Julia Kurzontkowski ‘27: Girls’ Tennis
Sidney Hall ‘24, Zachary Litke ‘24, Anthony Zurowski ‘24, and Keegan Porter ‘27: Track and Field (seventh in the 4x400m relay)
Santiago Navarro ‘24: Track and Field (seventh in the 3000m)
Sebastian Uhlir ‘24: Track and Field (seventh in the 300m intermediate hurdles)
Tiana Chahine ‘26: Track and Field (seventh in the discus)

Charlton Youth Basketball Scholarship
Jaiden Foskett ‘24
Olivia Kowalski ‘24

Western New England All-League
Avery Bertrand ‘26: Softball
Phoebe Forgues ‘27: Softball
Megan Bokis ‘24: Softball
Julianna Buoniconti ‘24: Softball
Barbara “Birdie” Forgues ‘24: Softball
A photo gallery is available to view here.