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Science Fair Winners Announced

Science Fair Winners Announced

Congratulations to all of the Science Fair Winners!


3rd - Zachary Stoddard - Race Your Marbles to Discover a Liquid's Viscosity

2nd - Ian MacKenzie - Is Free Energy Possible: Testing the Law of Conservation of Energy

1st - Morgan Beaudreault - The Science Behind Popcorn



3rd - Gabriela Fung - Does Heat Affect a Human’s Blood Pressure?

2nd - Cassandra Belsito - How do fertilizers affect sugar levels in plants?

1st - Rose Warfield - The Fascination of Meditation: Its Benefits and Importance



3rd - Celeste Medina Magana - What does gender have to do with smiling?

2nd - Sydney Duby - How Does Mint Affect Reaction Time?

1st - Olivia Acquaah-Harrison - The Science of Beauty: Is it skin color deep?



3rd - Collin O’Connor - What Burns Fastest, Why?

2nd - Hayley O’Connell - How much fat is in your food?

1st - Jacob Mobley - Running out of gas: Optimizing ethanol with hydrogen peroxide


3rd - Szymon Mamro - Lighting the Way: Would Thermocouples Placed in Asphalt Generate Enough Electrical Power After a Sunny Day to Light Up LEDs in the Lane Dividers After Sunset?

2nd - Sophia Maloney - Set It And Forget It: An Experiment in Passive Distillation

1st - Ashley Giorgio  - Bacteria’s Resistance to Antibiotics