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Rec Sports Program grows at Marianapolis

Rec Sports Program grows at Marianapolis

Media Team - X. Gong '22


In Spring 2021, Marianapolis began Rec Sports to bring a sense of togetherness, and unity to campus during a difficult time. According to Ms. Kirsty Leedham, the Director of Recreation, “Due to the pandemic, we had not been able to play competitively, so the goal was to provide that for our community. We all missed the excitement, nerves, passion, and team spirit that competition and ‘game day’ would bring, so Rec Sports was a way to fill that void.” 

According to the encyclopedia, Recreational Sports are activities in which the primary purpose is participation. The goals of improved physical fitness, fun, and social involvement are often prominent, with rec sports are usually perceived as being less stressful both physically and mentally for the participants. 

Last year’s Rec Sports included successful dodgeball and kickball tournaments, and students had many great ideas to grow the program and offer even more sports. This year, the Rec Sports program expanded to offer more sports, where students can create memories with their peers and teachers that will last beyond their time at Marianapolis. So far this year, they have already hosted cornhole and volleyball tournaments.

As the activities always fall on a Friday, it’s a great way to end the week. Many students play multiple sports throughout the year, and are very driven in particular areas -- the Rec Sports program aims to offer a variety of flexible experiences where they can choose their team and have fun.

When discussing things she hoped to accomplish this year, Leedham mentioned, “My number one goal is to just see students and faculty having fun.” She felt it was very rewarding not only to see the high level of participation, but also to hear the chatter and excitement in the hallways as game time approaches when game day arrives. Seeing the current reactions and progress of Rec Sports, she has high hopes that the program will continue to grow this year.

The plan for Rec Sports is to provide activities that students enjoy. Leedham said that for the future, she is 100% open to exploring activities that students want to participate in. She wants to offer sports that students like and is willing to learn new sports or activities regardless of her knowledge in that area. 

“With flag football just around the corner, I would say that I need to brush up on the rules of that game,” said Leedham.