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Prizes and Award Recipients Announced

Prizes and Award Recipients Announced

On Friday, May 31, undergraduates were recognized at the annual Prizes and Awards Day. Congratulations to all of the recipients. For photos from the ceremony, please click here.


Freshman Awards:

Fr. Mark Garrow, MIC Award:  Rose Warfield

Fr. Stanley Saplis, MIC Award: Sophia Rabitor

Fr. Timothy Roth, MIC Award: Lily Mueller

Leonard George Budelis ‘38 Award: Ian MacKenzie


Sophomore Awards:

Fr. Albin A. Sheputa, MIC Award: Chiara Faiola

Friends of Marianapolis Award: Emma McQuiston

Smith College Book Award: Laurelyn Mayen

Sophomore Chemistry Prize: Chiara Faiola

Sophomore World History Prize: Maura Hoban


Junior Awards:

Brandeis University Book Award: Nhi “Rosa” Nguyen

Bryn Mawr College Book Award: Mary Wall

George Washington University Alumni Book Award: Julia Crosby

Gettysburg College Book Award: Owen Alicandro

Harvard Book Prize: Brendan Phaneuf

Junior Biology Prize: Olivia Pisegna

Rensselaer Medal: Alex Stawiecki

Sage Colleges Awards: Eva Dellea and Zachary Willard

St. Anselm College Book Award: Elizabeth Schoemer

St. Michael’s College Book Award: Lily Alessandro

Suffolk University Book Award: Caroline Gardiner

University of Rochester Bausch & Lomb Honorary Science Medal: Nhi “Rosa” Nguyen

University of Rochester Frederick Douglass and Susan B. Anthony Award: Serena Godin

University of Rochester George Eastman Young Leaders Award and Scholarship: Ryan Martin


Marilyn S. Ebbitt Award: Kathleen Joiner