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Photography I Project

Photography I Project

Using small apertures, low ISO settings, and long exposures, students in Mrs. Dembkowski's Photography I class used DSLR cameras to draw with light. Each group developed a theme and created images that visually represent their concept.

Theme: Random Acts of Kindness By: Serena Godin, Lauren Makie, and Meghan Brooks

Theme: Christmas By: Zakk Willard, John Sarantopoulos, Gil Fournier, Ashley Robert, Dylan Haviland

Theme: Love & Happiness By: Jordan Desaulnier, Hehua Xu, Zhuoyao Song, Xuyan Xiu

Theme: Togetherness By: Alex Boligan, Yiqin Li, Emma Sarantopoulos, Madeline Hollett

Theme: Christmas By: Olivia Duncan, Kira Horan, & Yijia Su