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Performing Arts Department “Little Old Ladies in Tennis Shoes” Recap

Performing Arts Department “Little Old Ladies in Tennis Shoes” Recap
The Marianapolis community would like to recognize and congratulate the cast, crew, and directors of “Little Old Ladies in Tennis Shoes!”
They put on two wonderful showings last Thursday, February 15 and Friday, February 16 in our Irwin Black Box Theatre. Both nights were filled with community members excited and eager to watch! 
The play was written by Sandra Fenichel Asher and produced by special arrangement with The Dramatic Publishing Company of Woodstock, Illinois. 
Set in a Midwestern Suburb in 1989, the main character, Kate Corrigan, thinks she has her life in order. Her solitary existence suddenly becomes overwhelmed by pot roasts and problems from older women in the neighborhood. 
As Kate meets and spends more time with these women, she worries that the life she has found looks too much like the one she has been running from. "Is it in the genes, an instinct," she wonders, "like elephants heading for the burial ground? Am I a little old lady in training?" By facing old fears and new choices, Kate finds herself opening up now more than ever. 
Each character strives to grow older, wiser, and stronger, but not old. This heartwarming comedy about friendships between generations was an audience-pleaser. 
Our winter drama team got the opportunity to recap the performances on The Knightly News this past Tuesday, February 20. Thank you to WINY Radio in Putnam, CT for inviting our cast, crew, and directors to share live on the airwaves their take on how the showings went and their overall experience as a part of the drama team this winter season! 
We applaud the talent and commitment displayed and were pleased to witness such a great production. Our Marianapolis community will remember this for years to come!
Ms. Michelle Parker 
Dr. Joseph Parodi-Brown
Cast & Crew: 
G. Baldaro ‘24 - Stage Assistant
B. Gillette ‘27 - Jeff Bernstein 
J. Hebert ‘27 - Mrs. Feldman 
H. Kang ‘27 - Stage Assistant
E. Kurma ‘27 - Stage Assistant
R. Lamarche ‘24 - Marsha Bernstein
S. Lavallee ’24 - Mrs. Davis
S. Maloney ‘24 - Kate Corrigan 
C. Marchand ‘24 - Head of Technology
L. Najjar ‘24 - Molly Blumenthal
A. Nichols ‘25 - Bill Clayton
M. Zduniak ‘24 - Mrs. Petrelli 
A photo gallery is available to view here