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Opening the Academic Year: Convocation 2021

Opening the Academic Year: Convocation 2021

After a week of orientation activities and welcoming new and returning Golden Knights to campus, Opening Convocation kicked off the 2021-22 academic year on Tuesday, September 7. The program included opening remarks by Chair of the Trinity Foundation Board of Directors, Michael Herlihy, readings and student reflections, and an address by Head of School, Joseph Hanrahan — all united by this year’s theme: wellness. 

In the words of Student Council President, Hayden Buzzell ‘22, “Wellness is important in all of our lives and fitting as our theme for the year [...] It is achieved as a school, with friends, as a family, together [...] Our school counselors, advisors, administrators, teachers, coaches, and student leaders will always be there to listen and help you with whatever you might need [...] People are always looking out for others in our community and I promise to do the same for each of you as we adjust to this new year.” 

Maksymilian Poreda ‘22, Student Council Vice President, reflected on wellness in the context of his arrival, last year, as a new student at Marianapolis. In Poreda’s words, “I needed to come to a community that would accept who I am and accept the place I have come from. Marianapolis is such a community. The process of ongoing change and growth, with a focus on wellbeing, is clearly visible not only in the community itself, but also in each individual [...] We accept changes happening around us and work on ourselves. It’s important to do so, as strong individuals build strong communities.”

Mr. Mike Herlihy, Trinity Foundation Board Chairman, offered his words of wisdom to the community by encouraging everyone to find opportunities to be still and reflective. He cautioned against putting too much undue pressure on oneself and urged students and faculty alike to fully take in the Marianapolis experience.

Joseph Hanrahan, Head of School, addressed the community, noting “The School’s mission is to educate students in the Catholic tradition of academic excellence with a commitment to an active faith in God and a dedication to building character with content, compassion and integrity. Our mission contains three vibrant, action-inspiring descriptors that can serve as benchmarks of our wellness: character, compassion, integrity. We experience wellness, and facilitate wellness in others, when we develop our character and strive to live virtuous lives. Showing compassion for others, particularly by accompanying those who are suffering, expands our hearts and enriches the wellness of our souls. Living in integrity, by being honest with ourselves and others, produces a great wellness of mind, body, and soul — as we practice humility by taking a true inventory of who we are and how we are called to grow, improve, [and] reduce stress.”

Embarking on the year ahead, Hanrahan encouraged the community to “spend the year defining what it means to be well and uniting in our pursuit of individual and community wellness. The more we practice wellness in our daily lives as students, faculty, and staff, the healthier we will all be.”