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Ninth Grade Science Fair Winners Announced

Ninth Grade Science Fair Winners Announced

Congratulations to the winners of the Ninth Grade Science Fair!


3rd Place: “Evaluating Medicine Caps,” by Lily Givner 

2nd Place: “The Pressure is On: How Lying Affects Blood Pressure,” by Alison Tourtellotte 

1st Place: "Visual Memory," by Salvatore Masciarelli


3rd Place: “Taste or Smell the Rainbow,” by Sara Soares

2nd Place: “What is the best disinfectant for your toothbrush?” by Lexi Delano 

1st Place: “How does microwave radiation affect plant growth?” by John Vigliotti 


3rd Place: “Rate of Melting Ice Cubes,” by Abby Boria 

2nd Place: “Light it Up,” by Laurelyn Mayen 

1st Place: “Does the Temperature of Water Affect Reaction Time?” by Grace McGovern 


3rd Place: “Magnetic Levitation,” by Jessie Calkins 

2nd Place: “The effect of an EMP device on Consumer Grade Electronics,” by Nick Yeung 

1st Place: “The Relevance of Inflated Latex Rubber Balloons to the Advancement of Modern Day Aero-Technology,” by David Mankarios 


3rd Place: “I Guess We’re all Unique,” by Julia Hopkins.

2nd Place: “Can Humans Effectively Multitask?” by Ally Giorgio

1st Place:  “Allergen Scratch Test,” by Chiara Faiola