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"New Stars Are Born" Marks the Beginning of Live Concerts

"New Stars Are Born" Marks the Beginning of Live Concerts

Media Team - P. Wang '22

Marianapolis held its first live concert in over a year on Monday, November 15.

The concert theme was “New Stars are Born,” chosen to showcase all of the music students. According to Dr. Szu-ning Tai, the main purpose of this concert was to be an opportunity for students who participate in orchestra, chamber choir, chorus, jazz band, and rock band to express themselves. She also hopes this concert encourages others to join the music program.

“We want to let more students know they could also be part of the music program. As long as they are determined and motivated to learn, they will become the stars of Marianapolis too!” Tai said.

Despite only being able to offer limited seating, Tai believed that this would not deter people from their love of music and their desire for it. 

“Although we have limited seats based on the COVID-19 policy, we still welcome families and friends to celebrate together. We want to enjoy the first live concert of 2021 after COVID! The show is an opportunity for us to reconnect through music as a community,” Tai said.

The show featured 14 songs by 5 of the music groups at Marianapolis. The full concert can be found here.