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Leadership Recognition Dinner

Leadership Recognition Dinner
The 2024 Student Leadership Recognition Dinner was held on Thursday, May 9. This memorable occasion provided a platform to acknowledge and celebrate the exceptional achievements and contributions of our student leaders. It was a moment of pride and inspiration for these individuals as they were recognized and appreciated by their peers, teachers, and school administrators. The event also served as a source of motivation, with the stories of past leaders who have positively impacted our community.

Our student leaders have truly embodied this year’s theme of Service. Their commitment to helping others, their constant search for ways to improve our Marianapolis community, and the use of their voices for the greater good all testify to their dedication and positive impact.

Mr. David DiCicco, Head of School, reflected on student leadership from this year and the amazing opportunity it offers for our students. Our community is proud of what each student leader has achieved and the remarkable marks they have made along the way.

Ms. Laurel Brown, Dean of Students, was pleased to introduce alumna Anna Czechowski ‘23, who graduated last year and was involved in many student leadership opportunities at Marianapolis.

Czechowski reflected on her leadership throughout high school and shared her leadership journey in college so far. “I always wanted to be a leader at Emmanuel since I chose the school,” she said. “I had dreamed of being an Orientation Leader since my own summer orientation, just like I had dreams of being Student Council President, being a Student Ambassador, and especially the hard-earned position of becoming a Knight Café Barista.” 

In her first year of college, Czechowski had to step out of her comfort zone and accept that she was in a new place with new faces and experiences. Marianapolis taught her that “the skill of exiting your comfort zone will help you thrive in the environments you’ll be placed in.” Czechowski emphasized to all students that “the lessons you’ve learned as leaders at Marianapolis are going to follow you wherever you go and be one of the strongest tools that you have in your arsenal. So while you’re getting out of your comfort zone and learning who you are, remember the confidence that Marianapolis helped you build.”

At this time in the evening, attention shifted to Mr. Tommy DiColella, Student Council Advisor, to present the 2024 Student Leadership Medal. DiColella recognized this student as “nothing short of phenomenal in both of their formal and informal roles [who] possesses many attributes all leaders should have: confidence, respect, organization, resilience, empathy, and passion for others in their community.” This student’s leadership throughout her high school career as Student Council president, Varsity Wrestling captain, Knight Café leader, and Girls' Varsity Soccer captain, amongst other roles, touched every aspect of the Marianapolis community. Congratulations to A. Alicandro ‘24!

Alicandro has “welcomed and included younger and newer students to our community and set an example of what it means to treat others kindly.” We are so proud of the wonderful person that she is, and it has been a privilege to watch her thrive and reach new heights over the past four years. “Great leaders inspire greatness in others,” and Alicandro has wholeheartedly captured this and what it means to be a leader at Marianapolis and beyond!