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House/Hall Heroes - 9/30/19

Anh Dao: The residential faculty would like to recognize Anh Dao as our House/Hall Hero for the girls' houses. Anh regularly goes above and beyond to make all of the residents at St. Albert’s feel welcomed, loved, and supported. She works to make sure they are informed about dorm and campus events and organizes and runs dorm meetings to hear concerns and ideas from the residents of St. Albert’s. Recently, just for fun, Anh made mini cheesecakes for everyone just because she felt inspired to bake and thought they would appreciate a sweet treat after a long week. For all of her hard work and care, we commend Anh Dao and celebrate her and her dedication to the residents of St. Alberts! 

Aleksandar Poturica: Aleksandar Poturica is a first semester senior who is a valued and welcomed member of the MPrep boarding community. A native of Serbia, Alex has transitioned extremely well to Marianapolis and has already become a key member of Blue Angels Hall. He follows all of the rules of the hall, keeps up with his schoolwork, and is friendly to everyone he meets. Aleksandar has great leadership qualities and cares about the community greatly. Last weekend, he personally organized as many recyclable materials as he could from the hall and donated them to the Green Knights initiative without any direction or recommendation. Aleksandar is also a CLP hero who uses English as much as he possibly can to make friends and stay involved in the community. Alex is a great role model for the other members of the hall and the greater school community. We are extremely glad to have him in the hall and we are happy to recognize him as the House/Hall Hero for the boys' halls! 

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