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House/Hall Heroes - 12/16/19

Thomás Soares '21: Thomás greets all people with positive regard for their well being. He is both an exemplary student and dorm member. He encourages others to make new connections and to spend time with each other, which helps make Baptist Hall feel more like a home. He is always friendly, positive, and helpful. Thank you for all that you do to make our community a better one, Thomás!

Ivana Smyčková '20: Ivana always goes above and beyond to help others in the dorm and in other dorms. She cleans up the common spaces whenever she sees messes and is always a positive role model. At the Thanksgiving break, she saw a dorm parent cleaning the kitchen and without solicitation, she washed and put all of the dishes away that others had forgotten to take care of before they left.  When asked if they were her dishes, she responded, "no, but it is our common space and it's our responsibility to clean it." For her maturity, consideration, and excellent role modeling, we are happy to honor her as a House/Hall Hero!