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Chiara Faiola '21 Presents STEM Research and Honors Thesis

Chiara Faiola '21 Presents STEM Research and Honors Thesis
Marianapolis recently welcomed back to campus alumna Chiara Faiola ‘21 to share her wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm about STEM studies with our Honors Biology students, Centers of Excellence Health Science students, and community members! Her love of science began at Marianapolis, where she took many classes with Ms. Parker. “Health and alternative, functional medicine has always been an area of interest to me,” says Faiola.

Faiola attends the University of New Haven. She will receive her Bachelor’s in Biology in just a few days. She will continue to pursue her Master’s in Cell and Molecular Biology as she is part of the university’s accelerated program.

For the past few months, Faiola has been conducting research for her honors thesis, which the Connecticut NASA Space Grant funded. Award recipients are required to perform a community outreach, where they can speak about STEM, their research, and careers in this field.

Our Marianapolis community members were enlightened by Faiola's findings, which shed light on the effects of different vitamins on cell viability under stress! Her thesis, a comprehensive study titled 'Assessing the Protective Role of Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Zinc, Gluconate, and Folic Acid Against Cell Damage and Mortality Caused by Oxidative and Heat Stress,’ provided valuable insights into this crucial area of study.

Thank you, Chiara, for coming to present your research and for highlighting the world of STEM as an excellent discipline for our students to consider pursuing! We look forward to hearing about your continued success and accomplishments. Congratulations on earning your Bachelor’s, and best of luck as you focus on your Master’s!

Photos from the presentation can be viewed here.