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2021 Science Fair Winners Announced

2021 Science Fair Winners Announced

This year’s science fair was held virtually on Thursday, April 15. Small groups of students were placed in breakout rooms to present their projects through three rounds, with different judges cycling into the rooms each round.

“The science department is extremely proud of all the dedication that our conceptual physics students have put in this year,” Ms. Kelly McLane said. “Obviously, there have been twists and turns along the way, and we’re super proud of all the projects and ideas they came up with.”

The awards were announced during afternoon gathering on Monday, April 26. Great job to all those who participated and congratulations to the winners!


1. William Savoie - Comparison of Antibacterial Cleaners: Chemical vs. Natural Cleaners

2. Kiera MacKenzie - The Effect of R.E.M: How R.E.M Cycles Affect Your Morning Energy

3. Bridget MacDonough - Testing the Effectiveness of Different Disinfectants on Bacteria



1. Birdie Forgues - The Physics Behind Ski Length and Velocity

2. Greyson Baldaro - The Most Energy Efficient Incandescent Light Bulb

3. Angela Li - Soap Powered Boat Experiment



1. Tessa McCabe - Sugar Shocking Chocolate Chip Cookies

2. Mwewa Chiwaya - How Rocket Engines with Different Ratios of Propellant and Oxidizer Create Different Amounts of Thrust

3. Aurora Voas - Apple Decay in a Two-Week Period



1. Lauren Conde - Understanding How Multitasking Affects the Test Taking of Teens

2. Luciana Najjar - The Stroop Effect

3. Sydney Lundt - The Effect of Music Genre on Heart Rate



1. Lillian Belsito - Is Salt Toxic to Plants?

2. Violeta Torres - Coffee and How Long Different Brands Keep People Energetic

3. Abigail Alicandro - Random People Identifying Someone’s Sex Based on an Image of their Feet


Click here to view photos of the winners.