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2021-22 Science Fair

2021-22 Science Fair

Marianapolis hosted its annual Science Fair on April 21, with students presenting in-person for the first time in two years.


Students were set up in classrooms throughout the main building and presented to judges virtually through the Clear Touch boards. Families were given the opportunity to drop by their student's classroom to wish them luck before heading to a Parent Reception hosted in the Student Lounge.


On Monday, May 2, the top three students in each category were awarded for their work, as well as the top three overall projects. Congratulations to all the winners!



  1. Kira Gillette - Finding the Critical Velocity of Varying Diameters of Loops

  2. Sophia DiPietro - Tic

  3. Natalie Olkowski - Determining if Frozen Candle Wax Makes Candles Burn Slower



  1. Shane McGlone - The Effect of The Sugars in Soda on Tooth Decay

  2. Amelia Margoupis - Gel or Mousse: The Best Curly Hair Applicant

  3. Derek Perveiler - Strength of Glue with Different Mixtures



  1. Regan Benedict - Do Cats Demonstrate Color Preference at Play?

  2. Madeline Joyce - How Emotions Impact Your Heart Rate

  3. Havish Swadia - Does Music Help With Focusing?



  1. Faye Battersby - Do Worms Being in Soil Help Plants Grow Faster?

  2. Lexi Bergeron - Measurements of Heart Rates

  3. Astrid Bidwell - How Does Smell Affect Taste?



  1. Lindsey Paradise - Effects of Color on Simple Reaction Time

  2. Chloe Alba - An Examination of Acid Rain in Relation to the 1990 Clean Air Act

  3. Vincent Vo - The Effect of Temperature on Tennis, Bouncy, and Golf Balls