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2020 Science Fair Winners Announced

2020 Science Fair Winners Announced

This year’s science fair looked a little bit different than past years. Unable to hold it in person, the entire event was moved online. Students presented their projects through the video conferencing software Cisco WebEx over the course of two weeks to a panel of judges that included alumni Emily Gaudet '08, Dr. Jillian Richmond '04, Paul Lango '68, and Myles Wagner '18. 

“[The Science Department] worked hard to logistically determine the best way to approach this that would set our students up for success while accommodating the circumstances that we are in,” said science teacher Kelly McLane. “Because we are virtual, students had the option to create a virtual visual representation or the typical tri fold, based on what would be more convenient for the resources that they had.”

The awards ceremony was held virtually on Thursday, April 30. Congratulations to the winners: 


  1. Kate Landis: Measuring Skyglow

  2. Jack Perveiler: The Effect of Air Pressure on Soccer Ball Bounce Height

  3. Stephen Canavan: Mouse Precision and Response Time between Wired and Wireless Mice


  1. Josh Mobley: What is the most effective method of desalination

  2. Dominika Chmielewski: The Blue Light of Luminol

  3. Morgan Royston: High Bases Neutralizing Low Acids


  1. Kate Melnick: Memory with Mnemonics

  2. Grace Booth: Does Color Affect Mood?

  3. Avery Kurzontkowski: Does Audio or Visual Content Persuade the Teenage Mind More Productively?


  1. Ava Fabiano: How Changes in Food, Temperature, and Stress Affect a Chicken’s Egg Production.

  2. Thu Hoang: The Relationship Between Human Intelligence and Thumb Lunulae

  3. Rayliana Bonnell: Greasy Chips


  1. Emma Russell: Cookie Chemistry: The Mystery Behind the Fat in Chocolate Chip Cookies

  2. Nick Fennelly: What Cools a Desktop PC Better: A Water Cooler or a Fan Cooler?

  3. Abbie O’Brien: Neuroplasticity: A Case Study of Writing With Dominant and Nondominant Hand