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Knights of the Week - 10/7/19

Knights of the Week - 10/7/19

Girls’ Crew

Caroline Villa ‘23 is a newcomer to the rowing team but has begun to make an impact early. She pushes herself hard in practice and is very focused on drills and workouts to improve each day. She is eager to learn from her coaches and implement what they suggest. While she is serious about improving, she doesn’t take herself too seriously. Her teammates and coaches appreciate her positive attitude and hard work.

Boys’ JV Soccer

Jacob McCabe ’21 is the JV boys’ soccer Knight of the Week for many reasons. His work ethic, leadership, determination, and coachability all demonstrate to his coaches and teammates how much of a positive role model he is for the team. He always gives maximum effort and has improved a great deal since last year. He is the Knights second-leading goal scorer this season and plays extremely tough defense. He is willing to play whatever position he needs to in order to help the team win and is very unselfish. Jake is deserving of the title of Knight of the Week and will continue to be an integral part of the team going forward.

Girls’ JV Soccer

JV girls’ soccer is happy to recognize Morgan Beaudreault ’22 as Knight of the Week. Morgan has been an excellent team player since the beginning of the season. She is constantly committed to working hard during practice, giving her all at games and motivating and encouraging her teammates to do their best. Morgan brings her energy and commitment with her every day, often playing the full match without complaint, leading the team "fun" runs or making sure the bench gets cleaned up. Because of her commitment to the game and the team we are enthusiastic to award Morgan the Knight of Week.

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