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Knights of the Week - 9/11/18

Knights of the Week - 9/11/18

Girls’ Cross Country

The cross country team has been working hard in practices to prepare for its first race, a fun run at Noble and Greenough School. Jianghan (Sarah) Zhang ’20, is new to running but has taken the opportunities each day to strengthen and build her endurance. During Saturday’s run, her first race, she fought hard to complete the race running, without slowing to a walk once, demonstrating her determination and her perseverance. For a new runner, this is no small feat, and Sarah has shown her teammates a great example and will continue to be a role model throughout the season.

Field Hockey

On a brand new team for the school, Lily Givner ’21, is a first-time field hockey goalie. She was the first to volunteer to take on this essential role, a position that is not without its challenges! Over the weekend, Lily made her debut as goalkeeper and she did an outstanding job. Her commitment to her team, her willingness to improve, and her hard work and dedication make her someone the entire team can look to for inspiration. Being this type of athlete makes her a great choice for Knight of the Week!

Volleyball JV Gold

Through the first weeks of practice, Sofia Hargrave ’21, has improved her volleyball skills immensely. To see such a clear improvement in the opening practices demonstrates Sofia’s commitment and effort. Throughout practices, she has also been a highlight of positivity, encouraging her teammates and celebrating their accomplishments. In each drill, Sofia is fully present, working hard on the skill to be developed; she listens to her coaches’ suggestions and instructions, understanding that this attention will help her strengthen her game. Her energy and commitment make her an excellent teammate.

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