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Knights of the Week - 10/9/18

Knights of the Week - 10/9/18

Boys' Thirds Soccer

Doyoon Kim '20 has been a phenomenal leader. Though in the past he has been a quiet guy contented to exist in a background role, he has taken it upon himself to step up into the role of leader this year. As one of the older and more easy going guys on the team, he is humble and thoughtful in his leadership style, often leading by example and always doing his best to keep the boys on task. What has been most impressive is his willingness to assist the coaches in coming up with new drills, based on player perspective, on the things the team needs to work on. Doyoon is an example of how to live our mission in the context of athletics.

Girls' JV Soccer

The Girls' JV Knight of the Week is Ava LaRoche '20. From the beginning of the season, Ava has demonstrated leadership both in games and at practice. She is the first person to line up for warm-ups and the last person to leave the field at the end of games and practices. Her continuous hard work and effort is a model for all of the JV players.

Boys' Varsity Soccer

Ryan Martin '20 is the boys’ varsity soccer Knight of the Week. Ryan is a fearless goalkeeper who leads by example and with strong sportsmanship. He has had several great performances this season, but his most notable was against Rivers School where he recorded sixteen saves. Ryan comes to practice each day ready to work and also pushes his teammates to do their very best. He is also a helpful and caring young man off the pitch and has helped organize team community service efforts with the American Legion. For his strength, leadership, and dedication to the team, Ryan has been named Knight of the Week.


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