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Knights of the Week - 10/14/19

Knights of the Week - 10/14/19

Boys’ Crew

Morgan Royston '23 has been selected as the Knight of the Week for boys’ crew. In his first season rowing, he has made great progress. He has moved into the stroke seat - an important seat in the boat, responsible for regulating the rate of the crew. He is responsive to the commands of the coxswain and coaches and makes adjustments as necessary. In addition to setting the pace for the boat, he also helps create a culture among the novice crew. He has strong potential as a young rower and the team is eager to see his continued growth.

Field Hockey

Morgan Polinksi '21 has been a member of the field hockey team since its inception. Morgan finds her home on the field as a forward or midfielder. She is always up to try new positions. Morgan has developed into a strong field hockey player. She has improved since her first year, with stronger passes and a heightened ability to move the ball upfield. Morgan is always putting in the effort on and off the field. She is looking for ways to better herself as a field hockey athlete. This type of athlete is what makes her one of the week’s Knight of the Week!

Girls’ IIIs Volleyball

The IIIs volleyball team is proud to recognize Molly Landis '23 as Knight of the Week. Molly is exceptionally hard-working and is always working to get better. She is very supportive of her teammates, always cheering for others on the team, and helping them to shake off mistakes. Molly works hard to implement any feedback she is given, right away, which has allowed her to make great progress already this season. Molly has been a great attribute to the volleyball program this year!

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