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Knights of the Week - 10/2/18

Knights of the Week - 10/2/18

Boys' Crew

As a brand-new Novice rower, Juhyoung (Paul) Lee '22 has demonstrated an admirable commitment to learning the sport of rowing. Not only that, but Paul creates great camaraderie in his crew, demonstrating a dry sense of humor and his strong ability to work with others to navigate some of the trickier aspects of being in a boat of people entirely new to the sport. His willingness to jump in and help out has not gone unnoticed, and we commend him for his dedication!

JV Golf

Zachary Willard '20 has been selected as Knight of the Week, because he has used each day of practice to demonstrate his willingness to improve his skill and to learn new aspects of the game.  His attitude is consistently positive on the course, and his teammates and coaches value his willingness to help those around him.

JV Maroon Volleyball

Although Sara Soares '21 is new to the sport of volleyball this year, she has a positive attitude and is supportive of all members of the team. She comes to practice ready to learn and improve her skill set and is a great role model for the other new players on the team. She is always ready for warm-ups, to run for the ball, and never afraid to try out a new skill.


Knights of the Week winners
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