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Knights of the Week - 11/6/18

Knights of the Week - 11/6/18

Soccer - Boys’ Varsity

Ethan Gosper ’20 is the boys’ varsity soccer Knight of the Week. Ethan has played varsity soccer for the past three years. This is his first year as captain and he has done a strong job leading the team's offense from the center midfield position. 'Goose' as he is known on the pitch has recorded five goals and two assists this year. He models sportsmanship on the field and always supports his teammates on and off the field. The coaches are proud of all the hard work he has done throughout the season.

Golf - JV

For JV Golf, the Knight of the Week is Michael Hanrahan ’20. His commitment to the team throughout the season has been unwavering. His constant ready-to-play attitude is a force to be reckoned with and he contributes to the team’s morale with positivity, a sense of humor, and sometimes underappreciated puns. He played well throughout the entire season, completing the fall with an undefeated record.

Soccer - Girls’ Varsity

Julia Kilroy ’20 is the final Knight of the Week for the girls’ varsity soccer season. She always brought a positive attitude to practices and games and was willing to help the team in any and all ways. With her time on the field, she put forth her best effort and always gave us quality minutes. She also has recently fought through a couple setbacks and did so while remaining positive and in good spirits. She lifted the team up just by being herself and coming each day with a smile on her face and a willingness to work hard.

Knights of the Week winners
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