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Knights of the Week - 10/16/18

Knights of the Week - 10/16/18

Girls' Varsity Soccer

As a returner, Chiara Faiola '21 has stepped up this entire season and helped the team by playing anywhere and everywhere on the field. She puts 100% in during practices and games and approaches each new challenge with a positive attitude and willingness to try. Even when the team is down she never gives up and works tirelessly to try and bring her teammates up. A leader by her actions even more than her words, Chiara has been a vital part of the team this year and is a clear decision for Knight of the Week.

Girls' Crew

Rowing is a sport with which many students are unfamiliar, so there can be a steep learning curve. Lily Mueller '22 comes to the sport with a great can-do attitude, ready to learn and ready to try new things. While a novice rower, she has picked up the sport very quickly and raced twice in the girls’ varsity boat this fall season. A true team member, she has been willing to do anything that’s been needed, including one day when she raced with the first boat as a last minute substitute.

Varsity Volleyball

The varsity volleyball Knight of the Week is Mary Wall '20. As a junior, Mary has stepped into the critical setter role for the team, controlling the offense for the middle, outside, and back row hitters. Additionally, she has honed her serving skills to superlative levels, earning 19 service points (leading the team) in the most recent match. Mary is focused, determined, poised, and a phenomenal role model to her teammates.

Boys' JV Soccer

Lucas Yash '20 is a true example of what every soccer player should strive to be. Yash is the heart and soul of the defense, playing the sweeper spot with passion and skill. He always gets the job done, whether it is using his head to get a ball out of the defensive zone or a skillful slidetackle to cleanly strip possession from an opposing player. Yash scored his first JV goal last game against St. Andrew’s and continues to be a leader on the team. He truly deserves to be the Knight of the Week.

Knights of the Week winners
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