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Alyson Aleman '89 - Alumni Spotlight

Alyson Aleman '89 - Alumni Spotlight

After graduating from Marianapolis in 1989, Attorney Alyson Aleman went on to receive degrees from Boston College, Columbia Universiy, and Fordham University. A partner at the firm Borner, Aleman & David, she concentrates on Title XIX planning, estate settlement, and probate litigation (among a variety of additional specialties). She works and resides in the Quiet Corner. 

Ms. Aleman has served on the Trinity Foundation Board of Directors since 2005. To her, joining the Board was a way to help a school that impacted a pivotal time in her life. 

"At the time (I joined), the Board was working very hard to keep the school from closing permanently, and I wanted to do whatever I could to support and assist in that endeavor," she said. Indeed, her continued support has played a critical role in establishing Marianapolis as a long-term competitor in the school marketplace. 

Ms. Aleman serves on the board to ensure that future generations of Golden Knights receive a high-quality education and unforgettable experiences like those of their predecessors - herself included. 

"The school helped to shape and mold my character, my confidence, and the development of career goals," she said. 

"It is important to me that others have the same opportunities I had when I attended Marianapolis." Ms. Aleman's commitment to the school extends far beyond the board. 2013-2014 marked an unprecedented effort to secure the future of Marianapolis' physical plant. Administrators rallied the townspeople of Thompson to vote in favor of the sewer line project, which will pave the way for future building on site. Ms. Aleman was instrumental in providing information and reinforcement to propel the movement to its successful outcome. 

Later, she played an integral role in helping attain the Thompson Hill Apartment complex, which provides a substantial increase in housing options for faculty near the Marianapolis campus. Her oversight of the initiative has had a direct impact on the school's ability to achieve a number of the goals set forth in its strategic vision. 

"Without Alyson," remarked Head of School Joe Hanrahan, "we would have lacked the necessary traction to accomplish all that Marianapolis has this year - and over the last ten years. Her commitment to our school community is exceptional and for her efforts, we are sincerely grateful."

Ms. Aleman continues to support Marianapolis' institutional growth from her practice in Putnam, CT.