Online Learning

"The Summer Session Online and Online Book Club are two exciting programs to enhance a student's education beyond the typical calendar year. Students can participate from anywhere in the world for a truly unique learning experience.”

Jane Hanrahan, Director of Online Learning




Advance Credit courses may be taken in place of courses in the regular academic year. Grades from advanced credit courses will be added to the official transcript and credit from this online module is equivalent to credit earned during the academic year. Students may wish to access these courses in order to create additional free time in their schedule.

2017 Course Offerings:
Bible as Literature Pt I
Bible as Literature Pt II
Comparative Religion Pt I
Comparative Religion Pt II
Moral & Ethical Dilemmas
World History II Pt I
World History II Pt II
Exploring Wisdom Literature
US History Pt I
US History Pt II
Civil War
Micro Economics
Business Management
Social Justice 


Students who are looking to refine skills in select categories or maximize college preparation potential may seek to join these non-credit summer classes.

2017 Course Offerings:
Mastering the College Essay
Understanding American Culture
SAT Preparation
Understanding the Vocabulary of Math & Science
Principles of Critical Reading
Principles of Analytical Writing
Mathematics Skill & Development 


These classes are available to support students who struggled academically in a subject during the prior academic year and must complete coursework for academic credit or for those who aim to maintain skills and retain concepts over the summer months.

2017 Course Offerings:
Comp & Analysis A
Comp & Analysis B
ESL Beginner Skills Survey
ESL Advanced Skills Survey
World History Intensive
United States History Intensive
Basic Algebraic Principles
Principles of Geometry
Advanced Algebraic Principles
Mathematics Skill & Development
Principles of Conceptual Physics
Principles of Chemistry
Principles of Biology
Theology Intensive
ESL History Intensive


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Online classes, group meetings, and office hours will be scheduled during weekdays and students will have assignments that will need to be completed during the weekends.

Students may sign up for a maximum of two modules per term. Students may elect to audit a course; auditors take the course pass/fail (vs. for a numerical grade). Students who are required to take a course due to a failure during the 2016-17 school year may not opt to audit the module. 

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