In preparation for college and life beyond, Marianapolis provides ample opportunities for students to assume the responsibilities of leadership. 

Many positions, like our Class Officers, support the Marianapolis student body as a whole. Some help a specific constituency, like S.L.A.M. Leaders, who help international students integrate into American culture through purposeful involvement in campus life. Others, like camp internships, help Marianapolis students grow as leaders by mentoring children in elementary and middle school.

Best of all: leadership roles are accessible to students as early as their second semester.


Camp Interns

Camp Stonewall at Marianapolis offers an 8-week paid internship to 16-17 year olds, or 15 year olds with sleepaway camp experience. Camp Stonewall interns help to run events during the school year for prospective campers, and during the summer serve as counselors.

Captain's Council

Sports captains are elected by their teammates and/or coaches. The Captains' Council provides feedback to the Athletic Department, bridges the gap between players and coaches, plan pep rallies, and create positive buzz around athletic events.

Class Officers

Each grade level elects its own representatives, president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer. The Class Officers run grade level meetings, and plan events that their respective class sponsors.

Community Service Council

The Community Service Council leads the Community Service Club. All rising juniors and seniors can apply.

Dorm Council

All students are welcome to apply to be on Dorm Council. The Dorm Council works with faculty to design engaging events for both day and residential students. Some events sponsored by Dorm Council include house parties, karaoke, and movie nights.

Peer Leaders

Rising seniors apply to be Peer Leaders to help reduce the fears and the disconnectedness that many new freshmen feel when they enter a new environment. Each senior has a group of freshmen that they will help transition to life at Marianapolis.

Resident Assistants (R.A.)

Resident Assistants assist dorm parents in implementing and enforcing residential curriculum through model behavior. R.A.s also plan events for their house or hall and help to mediate conflicts with other residents. Rising junior or senior residential students are eligible to apply.


S.L.A.M. stands for Students Leading Adaptation by Modeling. S.L.A.M. leaders are international students who have an interest in American culture, while taking pride in their own cultural identity. S.L.A.M. leaders help organize cultural events on campus, and are role models for the Common Language Policy.


Spiritus is a faith leadership group that helps to plan and run retreats. Spiritus leaders also meet with Campus Ministers for group bonding and spiritual growth. Rising juniors and seniors of all faiths are encouraged to apply.

Student Council

Student Council consists of a dedicated group of students from all grade levels. To be a member, students must be elected by their peers. Upperclassmen members lead Student Council. The Council plans major school events throughout the year and represents the student body.

Wellness Leaders

Wellness is a required class for every sophomore at Marianapolis. Wellness focuses on mind, body, and social well-being to support students' success in their sophomore year. Rising juniors can apply to become Wellness Leaders to help lead Wellness classes.
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